(a)   Prior to commencing drilling operations, the permit holder shall cause to be tested the water in all fresh water wells situated on parcels of land within 1,000 feet of the wellhead, provided that the owner of such water well does not refuse permission to perform such test.  Copies of the results of such test shall be sent to the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection and to each owner of a well that is tested under this section.
   (b)   It shall be the duty of the permittee to seal gas and oil wells to protect fresh water wells from salt water or other pollution or contamination in such proper manner as is in accordance with good practice.  Both the permittee and his or her driller shall establish contingency plans for the immediate furnishing of potable water to affected residents for such period as may be required to re-establish proper potability in any polluted or contaminated well or wells.  The permit holder and the driller shall be jointly and severally responsible for the obligation to provide potable water, without cost to the City.
(Ord. 4-1989.  Passed 6-26-89.)