(a)   Any person wishing to drill for oil, gas or other hydrocarbon within the corporate limits of the City of Norton must secure two permits: a drilling unit authorization permit and a drilling permit.
      (1)   A drilling unit authorization permit must be approved by City Council.  It will authorize the use of the land in question (the drilling unit) for oil or gas well drilling.
      (2)   A drilling permit, which is issued by the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection, is required for the actual drilling of the well. No drilling permit may be issued until City Council has approved a drilling unit authorization permit for the oil or gas well and the applicant has paid the appropriate fee and has met all requirements of this chapter and any additional conditions the City Council may have imposed.
(Ord. 91-1987.  Passed 12-22-87.)
   (b)   The fee for a permit to drill a gas or oil well that has been approved by Council shall be six hundred dollars ($600.00).
(Ord. 31-1980.  Passed 3-24-80; Ord. 21-2002.  Passed 4-8-02.)