(a)   It is the intent of this chapter, in addition to prescribing minimum standards, to make drilling as safe as possible within the City.
   (b)   The City is aware of the difficulty in setting rigid rules as to the areas to be included in any one drilling unit. It is the intent of this chapter to have the property drilled, when reasonable and expedient in the City's judgment, on one permit encompassing all appropriate and compatible properties and to prevent the withholding of permission by a landowner for the sole purpose of later requesting individual permission to drill on the same lot or area.
   (c)   The Planning Commission is hereby given full authority to recommend such requirements as it shall deem necessary to City Council to give full force and effect to the intent as expressed in subsection (a) hereof. Each application for a drilling unit permit shall rest solely upon its merits and the prudent use of discretion by the Planning Commission and City Council.
(Ord. 91-1987. Passed 12-22-87.)