(a)   All applications for a permit under the provisions of this chapter shall be submitted on a form provided by the Chief of Police or the Fire Chief.
   (b)   Concurrent with the submission of an application, the applicant shall pay a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to the City to compensate it for the costs incidental to the issuance of the permit.
   (c)   Information required on the application shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   The street address of the premises where the alarm system is located;
      (2)   The name of the principal resident, business or organization occupying the premises and the day and night telephone numbers of such;
      (3)   The names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least two persons who have access to the premises at all times and who can respond to assist with the investigation of an alarm activation.  Any change in this information must be reported within seventy-two hours.
      (4)   The type of alarm system.  If such system is a combination alarm which has different meanings at different times of the day, full details shall be provided.
      (5)   The location and types of all sensors and signals of the alarm system, preferably shown on a floor plan of the premises; and
      (6)   Any additional information which will assist the Fire or Police Division in responding to an activation of the alarm system.
(Ord. 3-1986.  Passed 2-4-86.)