In accordance with standards or warrants set forth in the Uniform Manual and specifications, and upon the basis of applicable engineering or fact-finding studies, the Director of Public Safety shall designate loading zones; yield right-of-way intersections; stop intersections, including four-way stops; prohibited or limited parking areas; prohibited or limited right or left-turn intersections; the location and time limits of metered parking zones; one-way streets; the type, location and timing of all traffic control devices; crosswalks; and traffic lanes and islands; and shall make such other designations and changes or modifications thereof as are necessary to regulate, warn or guide traffic.  No such designation shall be effective unless and until appropriate signs, signals, markings or other devices are in proper position and of sufficient size to be seen by an ordinarily observant person.
(Ord. 99-1968.  Passed 11-11-68; Ord. 99-2005. Passed 1-23-06.)