A person arrested for a violation of any of the provisions of this Traffic Code shall forthwith be released from custody upon giving his or her name and address to the officer making the arrest, and, if security or bond is required, upon depositing or having deposited on such person's behalf with the duly appointed police officer on duty, an amount not to exceed the maximum fine for the offense for which such arrest is made, or if he or she is the owner of the motor vehicle involved in the violation, upon leaving such motor vehicle.  If the arrested person is not the owner of the motor vehicle he or she is operating, he or she may leave the motor vehicle only with written consent given at the time by the owner, who must be present.  The officer accepting security or bail shall give a receipt, in writing, for the bail or the vehicle deposited, and shall notify the person arrested to appear in the Mayor's Court, specifying the date, place and hour for appearance.
(Ord. 99-1968.  Passed 11-11-68.)