(a)   Subject to subsection (c) hereof, a special fund for the placement and disbursement of additional fees, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 1901.261, for the purpose of providing funds to computerize the Court and the Clerk of Court and to make computerized legal research available to the court, is hereby established as the Mayor's Court Computer Technology Program Fund.
   (b)   The Finance Director shall place the funds from such fees in such Fund, to be disbursed upon an order of the Court in an amount not greater than the actual cost to the Court of computerizing the Court, procuring and maintaining computerized legal research, or both.
   (c)   The Finance Director shall apply for approval of such Fund by the Auditor of State pursuant to Ohio R.C. 5705.12, and the establishment of such Fund is conditioned upon such approval.
(Ord. 56-1996.  Passed 7-8-96.)