The unclassified service shall consist of the following positions, which shall not be included in the classified service and which shall be exempt from all required examinations:
   (a)   All persons elected by popular vote or persons appointed to fill vacancies in such offices;
   (b)   The members of all boards and commissions established pursuant to and in compliance with the City Charter or the laws of Ohio;
   (c)   The heads of departments appointed by the Mayor pursuant to and in compliance with the City Charter or the laws of Ohio; and
(Ord. 16-1978.  Passed 2-13-78.)
   (d)   The Director of Finance, the Deputy Director of Finance, the Assistant Director of Finance, the Director of Public Safety, the Director of Public Service, the Solicitor, the Assistant Solicitors, the Superintendent of Building and Zoning, the Zoning and Building Inspectors, the Planning Advisor, the Clerk of Council, the Administrative Officer, the Administrative Assistant, the Municipal Engineer, the Director of Personnel, the Director of Community Development, the part-time Fire Chief, members of the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Division, special police officers, the Chief Radio Dispatcher, Radio Dispatchers, part-time police officers and part-time or temporary employees of any department or office.
(Ord. 55-1980.  Passed 7-14-80; Ord. 1-2002.  Passed 1-30-02; Ord. 81-2002.  Passed 12-30-02.)