(a)   An employee of the City receiving notice of being on jury call or jury duty from any Federal, State or municipal court shall report the same to his or her chief of the division and/or director of the department. The chief or director may seek to have the employee excused from such service if the employee's service to the City is deemed essential. An employee who cannot attend his or her normally scheduled workday due to being on jury call or jury duty, shall receive his or her normal wage. An employee shall reimburse to the City any remuneration, other than the employee's regular City pay, received while performing a jury call or jury duty service.
   (b)   An employee whose normally scheduled workday is other than the first shift shall be scheduled for the first shift during the period of being on jury call or jury duty.
   (c)   An employee shall return to work for the remainder of his or her scheduled workday if he or she has been released for the day from the requirement of being present for jury call or jury duty, if such release is before 3:00 p.m.
(Ord. 59-1979.  Passed 7-9-79; Ord. 98-2005.  Passed 1-23-06; Ord. 10-2018.  Passed 3-12-18.)