(a)   Each full-time employee non-bargaining employee who is disabled from performing the duties of his or her employment with the City as a proximate result of bodily injury sustained by said employee in the pursuit and performance of the duties of such employment, shall receive, injury leave at his or her normal rate of pay, less any compensation received by such employee in lieu of salary or wages received from any governmental authority or fund, and less all legal and usual payroll deductions. To be eligible for injury leave pay from the City, the employee shall have filed for Worker's Compensation benefits and signed a waiver assigning to the City those sums of money (temporary total benefits as determined by law) he or she would ordinarily receive. Said leave shall be paid for such period of time as such member is totally disabled from performance of his or her normal duties of employment by such bodily injury, but for no longer than a period of one year from the date of such disabling injury. The City's share of the State of Ohio Retirement Systems payments shall be based on the amount actually received by the employee from the City.  (Ord. 15-1984.  Passed 2-13-84.)
   (b)   The chief of the division or the director of the department shall keep accurate records of such injury leave and file a statement of such leave with the Administrative Officer at the end of each month.
   (c)   The Administrative Officer may prescribe appropriate rules and regulations for the establishment, eligibility for, and administration of, the benefits conferred by this section, and shall have the right to require the employee to have a physical exam by a physician appointed and paid for by the City. The receipt of benefits pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not take the place of nor otherwise affect the accrual of sick leave, vacation time, seniority or other benefits of employment.
(Ord. 58-1977.  Passed 9-12-77; Ord. 98-2005.  Passed 1-23-06; Ord. 10-2018.  Passed 3-12-18.)