(a)   An employee who is required to work in excess of forty hours in any given work week shall be paid for such overtime work at the rate of one and one-half times the employee's regular hourly rate of pay or accumulate compensatory time at the rate of one and one-half hours for each hour of overtime.
   (b)   Such overtime work shall be established and granted at the discretion of the chief of the division and/or director of the department.
   (c)   Each part-time officer in the Police Division shall be compensated for all time spent attending court on other than his or her regular shift at his or her regular rate of pay. Each part-time officer shall be paid a minimum of three hours for each court appearance. At the beginning of the fourth hour, he or she shall be paid at one and one-half times his or her regular hourly rate. All hours are to be verified by the Command Officer. A court appearance shall mean one appearance regardless of the number of cases which such part-time officer may appear in during any given day in court.
(Ord. 84-1976.  Passed 11-22-76; Ord. 88-1976.  Passed 12-13-76; Ord. 98-2005.  Passed 1-23-06; Ord. 10-2018.  Passed 3-12-18.)