Each of the following streets have been duly dedicated, improved, inspected and accepted by ordinance through Council action for the public use, or are hereafter dedicated to the public use and maintained under public authority, or by others and located within the corporate limits. An “approved street” includes streets, roadways, highways, avenues, lanes, alleys, sidewalks, easements, rights-of-way, and all other public highways and areas approved by Council. The names of all approved streets shall be as provided on the following list and as shown on all maps and plats heretofore approved and hereafter to be approved by Council:
City of Norton Approved Streets Index
21st Street SW
23rd Street SW
28th Street SW
Alaska Avenue
Albert Avenue
Alberta Drive
Aldon Lane
Anton Street
Barber Road
Beech Row Drive
Belton Street
Berry Road
Bevington Street
Birchbark Avenue
Bliss Drive
Brent Lane
Brogle Road
Brookfield Drive
Brookhaven Drive
Brooklawn Drive
Brookside Court
Brookside Drive
Burg Street
Bushey Avenue
Butternut Drive
Candlestick Drive
Carillon Road
Carl Street
Caroline Avenue
Casey Road
Cherrywood Drive
Clara Avenue
Clark Mill Road
Cletus Drive
Cleveland-Massillon Road
Clubside Drive
Clubview Drive
Collier Road
Columbia Avenue
Columbia Woods Drive
Connect Road
Cranwood Circle
Creekside Drive
Croydon Road
Cynwood Drive
Dal Drive
Dale Street
Debbie Lane
Deerspring Court
Dorothy Street
Driftwood Road
Durham Road
Dutt Road
Eastern Road
Easton Road
Erma Road
Everett Drive
Fairland Road
Fair Oaks Drive
Fairway Drive
Firethorn Avenue
Flesher Drive
Floraway Drive
Foch Street
Frashure Drive
East Frontage Drive
West Frontage Drive
Gardner Boulevard
Garrett Drive
Givens Drive
Glenbrook Drive
Grant Street
Greenbriar Drive
Greenridge Road
Greenwich Road
Grenfall Road
Grove Avenue
Haig Street
Hametown Road
Harper Avenue
Harris Road
Hartzell Drive
Hawaii Avenue
Hawthorne Avenue
Haynes Street
Hazelwood Avenue
Hazelwood Ext.
Helmick Avenue
Hemphill Road
Heritage Parkway
Higgins Drive
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Road
Hillier Road
Hillsdale Avenue
Hoctor Avenue
Holiday Drive
Holly Avenue
Home Avenue
Homer Avenue
Houston Road
Howell Street
Huntsberger Drive
Inas Drive
Jackson Drive
Jane Avenue
Jean Lane
Jefferson Circle
Johnson Road
Jones Street
Kay Boulevard
Kensington Avenue
Kingston Avenue
Knecht Avenue
Knollbrook Drive
Krancz Drive
Kungle Road
Lakeland Drive
Landis Road
Laurie Lane
Lee Ann Drive
Little Boulevard
Littleton Drive
Long Drive
Longwood Drive
Lowell Avenue
Loyal Oak Drive
Luray Drive
Maco Drive
Madison Avenue
Mamie Street
Manila Avenue
Maple Street
March Street
Mark Lane
Martin Avenue
McCoy Road
McGowan Road
Meadowway Drive
Medina Line Road
Melrose Avenue
Middlehurst Road
Milford Street
Monteray Drive
Mount Vernon Blvd.
Nash Boulevard
Neitz Drive
North Neitz Drive
South Neitz Drive
Newpark Drive
Newton Avenue
Norton Avenue
Oak Street
Oak Crest Drive
Oak Point Drive
Ora Avenue
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Hill Drive
Oser Road
Overlook Drive
P - Q
Pamdon Drive
Park Avenue
Parkway Boulevard
Parkwood Avenue
Pershing Street
Pikeview Drive
Pinegate Drive
Pinwood Circle
Pinwood Drive
Pleasant Street
Rangeley Road
Ray Street
Reimer Road
Reimer Road Ext.
Rest Avenue
Rich Road
Richland Avenue
Ries Street
Rockcut Road
Romestant Street
Roop Avenue
Rosebay Boulevard
Rush Road
Ruth Drive
Sandy Lane
Scott Road
Shellhart Road
Shelva Drive
Sheridan Street
Sherman Street
Silverdale Drive
Silver Springs Drive
Sue Lane
Suttle Drive
Summit Road
Swain Drive
Tallwood Drive
Tapper Road
Taylor Road
Tope Avenue
Trotter Road
Union Street
Valley Drive
Vincent Drive
Virn Street
W - Z
Wadsworth Road
Waldern Road
Warren Road
Watkins Road
Wayne Street
Weber Drive
Wesleyan Avenue
Weyrick Drive
Whipple Drive
White Oak Drive
Wilbanks Drive
Wilbur Avenue
Woodbine Drive
Wooddale Drive
Woodglen Avenue
Woodlawn Drive
Wooster Road West
(Ord. 44-2005. Passed 6-27-05; Ord. 38-2006. Passed 3-27-06; Ord. 31-2011. Passed 3-28-11.)