(a)   The Emergency Ambulance Service of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Division is hereby authorized to respond to emergency-only ambulance calls and is further authorized to permit transport to one of the following hospitals: Barberton Citizens Hospital, Akron General Medical Center, Akron City Hospital, Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital, Akron Children’s Medical Center, Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, Akron General Health and Wellness Center West Emergency Department, Akron General Health and Wellness Center Green Emergency Department and Summa Health Center at Green.
   (b)   A user fee schedule shall be established, listing the fee to be paid by those individuals and/or organizations utilizing the City’s Emergency Ambulance Service.
(Ord. 6-1996.  Passed 3-11-96; Ord. 76-2009.  Passed 8-24-09; Ord. 98-2012.  Passed 12-10-12.)
   (c)   The following user fees are hereby approved, adopted and levied and shall be paid by those individuals and/or organizations making use of the City's Fire Department Emergency Ambulance Service, as follows:
      (1)   Medical section.
         A.   Advanced life support         $500.00
         B.   Basic life support         350.00
         C.   Minimum charge         125.00
      (2)   Property section.
            Per mile to a medical facility      $  7.00
      (3)   Other.
         A.   All individuals who receive the services listed above, or those financially responsible for those individuals, will be charged the fee corresponding to the services provided.
         B.   Residents of the City and employees of the City, and their dependents, will also be charged the fees corresponding to the services provided.  Any balance due from these individuals above their insurance coverage will be waived after all covered expenses have been paid to the City.
      (4)   The user fees established herein shall be collected and, upon receipt thereof, shall be credited as determined by the Director of Finance to the fund or funds of the City used to pay the costs of providing the emergency medical services for which the fee is being charged, including, but not limited to the Emergency Medical Services Fund, Fund #105 and Fund #106.
      (5)   The fees established in this subsection shall be levied beginning on April 1, 2001.  But in the event conditions, policies, and practices in the health care field change, and are impacted by Medicare, then the higher rates between the City and Medicare shall apply.
(Ord. 106-2000.  Passed 1-22-01; Ord. 57-2002.  Passed 9-9-02; Ord. 59-2004. Passed 4-12-04; Ord. 98-2012, passed 12-10-12.)