242.10  MUTUAL AID.
   (a)   The Fire and Emergency Medical Services Division is hereby authorized to provide fire protection, including ambulance, emergency medical and rescue services, outside of the corporate limits when requested to do so by another fire-fighting agency, provided that the Fire Chief or the Assistant Fire Chief, in the absence of the Fire Chief, or a Captain, in the absence of both the Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief, approves the request.
(ORC 9.60)
   (b)   The provisions of subsection (a) hereof are hereby established to allow the Division to render services in times of emergencies when other governmental agencies require mutual aid to handle said emergencies.
   (c)   The Fire Chief shall make a written report to the Administrative Officer each time that mutual aid is rendered outside the corporate limits.  Said report shall provide information as to the requesting agency, the personnel and equipment used, the man-hours required and any other information that the Administrative Officer may required.
(Ord. 67-1981.  Passed 7-13-81.)