240.07  MUTUAL AID.
   (a)   Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 737.041, the City is hereby authorized to render police protection to other governmental entities without an individual contract for the police protection.
   (b)   The City is hereby authorized to provide police protection to any city, village, county or township of this State, or to a governmental entity of an adjoining state, and to provide complex investigation, critical response, rescue, emergency or disaster situation assistance whenever necessary upon proper authorization.
   (c)   Police protection and assistance shall be extended only upon authorization of the Chief of Police, the duly appointed Acting Chief, or the shift supervisor, on the exercise of that officer's discretion, taking into account the following considerations:
      (1)   Such police protection may be extended in times of emergency or disaster only as far as is consistent with the proper protection of the City; and
      (2)   The availability of police equipment and personnel shall be subject to priority of use within the City.
(Ord. 4-2018.  Passed 2-26-18.)