In accordance with Section 3.19 of the City Charter, public posting is selected as the medium of public notice for all matters requiring the same.  The following five locations are hereby established for such public notice:
   (a)   Ward One   Duke & Duchess Station
   (b)   Ward Two   Gionino’s Pizzeria
   (c)   Ward Three   Norton Branch of the Akron Summit County Public Library
   (d)   Ward Four   Sherman Provision
   (e)   Ward Four   Circle K-Eastern Road
(Ord. 91-1998.  Passed 11-23-98; Ord. 2-2008.  Passed 1-14-08; Ord. 8-2009.  Passed 1-26-09; Ord. 75-2009.  Passed 8-24-09; Ord. 93-2014.  Passed 11-10-14.)