(a)   Whenever the Charter or the Codified Ordinances of the City requires a contract for services or supplies to be awarded following a competitive bidding process, the Council may determine that the use of a reverse auction to award such contract is advantageous to the City.
   (b)   The City, in establishing a reverse auction process shall:
      (1)   Determine the specifications and requirements of the goods and services to be acquired;
      (2)   Identify and provide notice to potential sellers concerning the proposed acquisition; and
      (3)   Establish pre-qualification requirements to be met by a seller to be eligible to participate in the reverse auction.
   (c)   Prior to conducting a reverse auction, the City shall establish a threshold amount which shall be the maximum amount that the City is willing to pay for the services or supplies to be acquired.
   (d)   The City shall enter into a contract with a seller which meets the specifications or description of the services or supplies to be procured and whose proposal the City determines to be the most advantageous; provided, that such contract shall also be approved by the Board of Control if required by the Charter.
   (e)   For purposes of this section, the term "reverse auction" shall mean a purchasing process in which offers or submit proposals in competing to sell services or supplies in an open environment via the internet.
(Ord. 95-2008.  Passed 1-12-09.)