The Mayor shall appoint a Director of Personnel who must be confirmed by a majority of the members elected and appointed to Council. The Administrative Officer shall serve as the Director of Personnel until such time as Council shall by ordinance provide for some other person as Director of Personnel.
   In the interest of establishing and maintaining a sound personnel policy so that qualified career personnel may be attracted by openings in the various Municipal departments and to assure their fair and equitable treatment after employment, there shall be a Personnel Department, whose functions shall be to:
   (a)   Establish a system of job classification and description covering all departments and personnel thereof.
   (b)   Establish and recommend to Council for adoption a salary schedule covering the established classifications, together with a system for periodic review of salaries by department heads so that satisfactory performance may be rewarded by salary increases within the established limits for the various classifications.
   (c)   Determine and recommend to Council those positions which shall be placed in the classified service of the civil service, with the intent that to the greatest possible extent positions in the Municipal government and its departments shall be free from the "spoils system" so that qualified employees may be attracted to and held in these positions.
   (d)   Serve as the employment department for the Municipality to the extent that all requests for personnel shall be handled through this department. It shall be its function to receive all applications for these positions, screen the applicants for proper qualification, and recommend to the various department heads those whom it deems qualified.
   No officer or employee of this Municipality shall directly or indirectly solicit, contract for or receive any gift, profit or emolument from or on account of any contract, job, work or service with or for the Municipality, other than his or her compensation and expenses as fixed by Council under penalties provided by the statutes of the State of Ohio.
(Amended November 8, 1994)