(A)   Definitions. For the purposes of this section, the following terms and words shall have the meaning given herein.
      AMUSEMENT DEVICE. Any mechanical device designed and operated for the amusement, recreation or entertainment of the public, and for which a charge is made for the use thereof, such as, but not limited to, any self- propelled or mechanically or electrically operated vehicle, cart, auto, horse, boat, airplane or equipment of similar design which may or may not be placed on a stationary platform, and which devices provide an up and down, rocking, circular or free running motion.
      AMUSEMENT PARK. Any place, premises or park where amusement devices are gathered together. This shall also mean and include live animal rides such as pony rides and horse rides, golf driving tees, practice putting greens, miniature golf courses and all temporary installations usually referred to a carnivals.
      SHOW. A circus, wild west show, menagerie, caravan of animals, field game, public show, performance, entertainment, exhibition oramusement of any kind or description not otherwise defined herein or any combination thereof which is conducted in the open air, under a tent or in any other place not licensed as a theater or amusement hall, admission to which is required or which is conducted for gain. Provided, however, that the term SHOW shall not mean and include entertainment given by any public or private school; lecture on historical, literary or scientific subjects; amateur field games or contests; or fairs, concerts or exhibitions of painting or statuary held by residents of the city for the exclusive benefit of any benevolent, religious or charitable object in the city.
      PERMANENT OPERATION. Any business conducted at the same location for more than 30 days in any calendar year.
      TEMPORARY OPERATION. Any business conducted at the same location for 30 days or less in any calendar year.
(`89 Code, § 91.010)
   (B)   License required. No person shall operate an amusement park, amusement device or show within the city without a license or permit. A license is required for a permanent operation and a permit for a temporary operation.
(`89 Code, § 91.020)
   (C)   License and permit fees. The license fee for the permanent operation of an amusement park or amusement device, for the temporary operation of an amusement park or amusement device or for the temporary or permanent operation of a show shall be such amounts as the Council shall deem reasonable and proper, taking into consideration the size and duration of the shows, to be set by resolution.
(`89 Code, § 91.030)
   (D)   Minor ineligible for license. No person under 18 years of age shall be granted a license or permit.
(`89 Code, § 91.040)
   (E)   Carnivals prohibited on streets. No license or permit shall be granted to any person to hold what is commonly known as a carnival or fair on any street or alley of the city.
(`89 Code, § 91.050)
   (F)   Vulgar shows prohibited. No person shall operate a show and no license shall be issued for the operation of any show which is obscene, as defined by M.S. § 617.241, as it may be amended from time to time.
(`89 Code, § 91.060)
   (G)   Insurance required. Each license or permit holder shall obtain an insurance policy naming the applicant and the city as insureds, providing liability for bodily injury in the amount to be set by Council resolution.
(`89 Code, § 91.070) (Am. Ord. 723, passed 5-21-13)