(A)   License required; exception. No person shall show or exhibit any motion picture or video for which pay or compensation of any kind is required or received without a license; provided, however, that clubs, churches, schools and fraternal, religious and veterans’ organizations may show motion pictures and videos as a part of a program rather than as a regular business without a license.
(`89 Code, § 88.010)
   (B)   License fee. The license fee shall be set by Council ordinance. No license shall be granted until the fee is paid.
(`89 Code, § 88.020)
   (C)   Inspection of facilities. No person shall show a motion picture or video in any room or building in the city to which the public is admitted upon payment of a fee or other compensation, until such room or building and projector and all appliances used in connection therewith shall have been inspected and approved by a representative of the city. The city shall at all times have the right to set forth reasonable requirements necessary and proper for the safety of the public in connection with the operation of motion pictures or videos.
(`89 Code, § 88.030)
   (D)   Indecent pictures. No person shall exhibit, portray or display in any place in the city by means of pictures, motion pictures or otherwise, any pictures, scene, reproduction or representation of obscene materials. The Manager, designee or the police officers of the city shall at all times have free access to all theaters and exhibitions or displays to insure compliance with this section. Obscene materials are those defined in M.S. § 617.241, as it may be amended from time to time.
(`89 Code, § 88.040)