(A)   The city may impound any animal where necessary for the proper enforcement of the law or where a safety hazard exists. No animal which has been impounded shall be released to the owner or custodian until all reasonable pounding and transportation costs have been paid and the authorized person having charge of the impounded animal shall have a lien for such costs.
   (B)   In all cases where an animal is impounded, the owner, if known, or the custodian, if the owner is unknown, shall be immediately notified. If the owner or custodian be unknown and cannot by reasonable effort be ascertained or shall not, after notice, redeem such animal by paying the expenses incurred as aforesaid, it may be treated as an estray and be dealt with as such. All animals conveyed to the pound shall be kept, with humane treatment and sufficient food and water for their comfort, at least five regular business days, unless the animal is a dangerous animal in which case it shall be kept for seven regular business days and except if the animal is a cruelly- treated animal in which case it shall be kept for ten regular business days, unless sooner reclaimed by their owners or keepers as provided by this section.
(`89 Code, § 173.210)