(A)   Definition of KENNEL. The keeping of three or more dogs on the same premises, whether owned by the same person or not and for whatever purpose kept, shall constitute a KENNEL except that a fresh litter of pups may be kept for a period of three months before that keeping shall be deemed to be a KENNEL.
   (B)   Certain kennels are nuisances. Because the keeping of six or more dogs on the same premises is subject to great abuse, causing discomfort to persons in the area by way of smell, noise, hazard, and general aesthetic depreciation, the keeping of six or more dogs on the premises is hereby declared to be a nuisance and no person shall keep or maintain a kennel with six or more dogs within the city.
   (C)   Kennel permit. A kennel permit is required before three or more dogs may be kept on the same premises. The permit shall be obtained from the City Clerk. All permits shall be valid for two years from January 1 to December 31 of the following year. Persons operating or maintaining a kennel as defined by M.S. § 347.31, Subd. 2, as it may be amended from time to time, shall also obtain a kennel license from the state Board of Animal Health before being issued a kennel permit by the city.
   (D)   Kennels shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner, all animals shall be treated humanely, and the owners or operators of all kennels shall follow all of the provisions of Minn. Rules parts 1720.1400 to 1720.1550, as they may be amended from time to time.
   (E)   A kennel permit may be revoked by the City Council if a kennel is not kept in a clean and sanitary manner, if the animals are not treated humanely, if the kennel does not comply with the above cited rules, or if any other provision of this subchapter is violated, including the prohibition of habitual barking and the requirement to clean up litter.
   (F)   Any person, firm or corporation who violates any provision of this subchapter shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor, and the penalty which may be imposed shall be that in § 10.99.
(`89 Code, § 173.220) (Am. Ord. 765, passed 12-5-2017; Am. Ord. 788, passed 12-17-2019) Penalty, see § 10.99