10-1-1: Short Title
10-1-2: Purpose
10-1-3: Effect Of Chapter
10-1-4: Interpretation
10-1-5: Conflict
10-1-6: Effect On Previous Ordinances And Maps
10-1-7: Licensing
10-1-8: Severability
10-1-9: Legal Remedies For Violation
10-1-10: Appeals
10-1-11: Enforcement
10-1-12: Zoning Administrator Authority And Duties (Rep. by Ord. 2012-07, 4-30-2012)
10-1-13: Building Permits; Site Plan Required
10-1-14: Building, Use And Occupancy Permits Required To Comply With This Title
10-1-15: Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, Street Paving, Etc.; Conditions Of Building Permit Approval
10-1-16: Inspection And Approval Required Prior To Occupancy
10-1-17: Conditional Use Permit Required For Restricted Lots
10-1-18: Substandard Lots At Time Of Code Passage
10-1-19: Nonconforming Lots Prohibited After Adoption Of Code
10-1-20: Lot Standards And Street Frontage
10-1-21: Every Dwelling To Be On A Lot; Exceptions
10-1-22: Lots And Dwellings Frontage On Private Streets; Special Provisions
10-1-23: Yard Space For One Building Only
10-1-24: Yards To Be Unobstructed; Exceptions
10-1-25: Maximum Building Height And Exceptions To Height Limitations
10-1-26: Additional Height Allowed
10-1-27: Minimum Height Of Dwellings
10-1-28: Maximum Height And Floor Area Of Accessory Buildings
10-1-29: Area Of Accessory Buildings
10-1-30: Water And Sewerage Requirements
10-1-31: Clear View Of Intersecting Streets
10-1-32: Fences May Be Required
10-1-33: Fence Standards
10-1-34: Sale Or Lease Of Required Space
10-1-35: Construction Subject To Geologic Or Flood Hazards
10-1-36: Location Of Gasoline Pumps
10-1-37: Property Divided By Zoning District Boundaries
10-1-38: Utility Extensions Authorized Only To Permitted Structures And Buildings
10-1-39: Utilities Responsible For Excavations
10-1-40: Property Owned By Other Government Units; Effect Of Land Use And Development Ordinances
10-1-41: Effect Of General Plan On Front Yard Requirements
10-1-42: Maintenance, Condition And Appearance Of Properties
10-1-43: Building Design Standards; Nonresidential
10-1-44: Accessory Dwelling Units
10-1-45: Residential Short Term Rental (STR)
10-1-46: Definitions