Council may, by resolution, declare that certain specified sidewalks, curbs or gutters shall be constructed or repaired. Upon the passage of such a resolution, the Clerk of Council shall cause written notice of the passage thereof to be served upon the owner or agent of the owner, if he or she is a resident of the City, of each parcel of land abutting upon such sidewalks, curbs or gutters, in the manner provided by law for the service of summons in civil actions. A copy of the notice, with the time and manner of service endorsed thereon, signed by the person serving it, shall be returned to the office of the Clerk of Council and there filed and preserved. For the purpose of such service, if the owner of any such property is not a resident of the City, any person charged with the collection of rent or the payment of taxes upon such property, or having control thereof in any way, shall be regarded as the agent of the owner, and service upon such person shall have like force and effect as though personal service were made on the owner thereof. If it appears in any such return that the owner is a nonresident or that neither such owner nor his or her agent could be found, one publication of a copy of the resolution in a newspaper of general circulation in the City shall be deemed sufficient notice to such owner.
(Ord. 1984-55. Passed 3-21-84.)