The following planning guidelines are established to guide the planning, development and use of the land in a TCD.
   (a)   Buildings shall be located near the street in a TCD-1 Subdistrict.
   (b)   Sites located in TCD-1, TCD-2 and TCD-3 Subdistricts shall have a landscaped area along the front property lines with sidewalks connecting to adjacent parcels and coordinated site elements i.e., paving, lighting fixtures, outdoor seating, canopied trees, pedestrian gathering areas, signage and landscaping that is cohesive with the architecture of the existing structures and that of a traditional town center.
   (c)   New nonresidential developments in TCD-4 and TCD-5 Subdistricts shall be designed to:
      (1)   Maximize building design relationship to existing or new development on existing street frontage.
      (2)   Concentrate the new buildings along a newly constructed main street (whether public or private).
      (3)   Have a strong building massing and pedestrian connections with adjacent residential development.
      (4)   Encourage an intensity of development (floor area per acre) that requires the use of decked or garage parking.
   (d)   The vehicular and pedestrian circulation system and parking facilities shall be designed to provide safe movement throughout the district. Parking areas shall be limited in size, enclosed and/or screened so as not to dominate the areas between buildings. Lighting of drives, sidewalks and parking areas shall be adequate to provide safety but shall be at the heights to be determined by the Planning Commission and approved by Council in the development plan and low in brightness so as not to glare off the property or create "hot spots" of light. Driveways for group developments and local streets shall be connected to major streets at limited locations where traffic can be controlled and operated efficiently with minimum interference to the capacity of existing streets. The Planning Commission and Council shall determine the number and location of street and drive connections to any existing street.
(Ord. 04-169.  Passed 10-13-04.)