TITLE SIX - Administration
   Chap. 230.    Mayor.
   Chap. 232.    Department of Finance.
   Chap. 234.    Department of Taxation.
   Chap. 236.    Department of Law.
   Chap. 238.    Department of Public Safety.
   Chap. 240.    Police Department.
   Chap. 242.    Fire Department.
   Chap. 244.    Department of Public Service and Properties.
   Chap. 246.    Department of Engineering.
   Chap. 248.    Department of Buildings.
   Chap. 250.    Division of Streets, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Maintenance.
   Chap. 252.    Division of Municipal Parks, Properties, Cemeteries and Recreation.
   Chap. 253.    Division of Refuse Collection and Disposal, and Recycling.
   Chap. 254.    Department of Waste Water Treatment.
   Chap. 256.    Division of Recreation. (Repealed)
   Chap. 258.    Office on Aging and Human Services.
   Chap. 259   Department of Community Development
   Chap. 260.    Community Improvement Corporation.
   Chap. 266.   Employees Generally.