1062.01   Council as Cemetery Board; rules and regulations.
1062.02   Sexton.
1062.03   Appointment of assistants and caretakers by Sexton.
1062.04   Register and record of Sexton.
1062.05   Records and duties of Clerk of Council.
1062.06   Deed restrictions and transfers.
1062.07   Lot charges.
1062.08   Service charges.
1062.09   Monthly statement. (Repealed)
1062.10   Rules re cemetery grounds.
1062.11   Interments.
1062.12   Grave markers; flower pot holders.
1062.13   Cemetery Permanent Maintenance Fund and Cemetery Income Fund.
1062.14   Maintenance of records of public cemeteries and crematories by Clerk of Council; computerization.
1062.15   Burial of indigents.  (Repealed)
1062.16   Contents of graves.
1062.99   Penalty.
Burials may be prohibited - see Ohio R.C. 759.05
Management and control - see Ohio R.C. 759.09
Union cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. 759.27 et seq.
Burial permits - see Ohio R.C. 3705.24 et seq.
Burial of indigent persons - see Ohio R.C. 5113.15
Division of Cemeteries - see ADM. 242.05(b)(2)
Trees within cemeteries - see S.U. & P.S. 1032.06(a)