901.03  PLAN OF WORK.
   (a)   If the Village Inspector determines it is necessary, no such permit shall be issued unless and until the applicant therefor has presented to the Village his plan of work, which plan shall include geometrics, drainage plan, and typical section.  If the applicant is going to break up a paved portion of the roadway, then applicant's plan for maintenance of traffic shall be included.  If applicant is to have a bypass for diversion of traffic, he must also include such plan for such bypass.  The work plan must be approved by the Village Inspector of the Village or the Road Commissioner of the Village.  The Village Inspector of the Village shall have full authority to modify or change any work plan of applicant and the method by which such work shall proceed, and no permit shall be issued until or unless applicant complies with the standards ordered by the Village Inspector of the Village or the Road Commissioner.
   (b)   Further, applicant must, not later than forty-eight hours prior to the commencement of the intended work, notify the Utilities Protection Service of its intent to perform such work.
(Ord. 91-365.  Passed 6-6-91.)