(a)   The Building Commissioner may cancel any license issued hereunder and withdraw a certificate of occupancy for any rental unit when a violation of a State law, the Fire Prevention Code, or City ordinance has been found to exist on the premises in excess of thirty days after notice has been sent to the owner of such rental unit. Notification for the purpose of this section shall be by certified or registered mail to the owner at the address shown on the application required by Section 1319.04 or, if no application has been filed, by the Cuyahoga County tax duplicate records. 
   (b)   Notwithstanding the requirement of notice provided herein, when in the opinion of the Building Commissioner the condition of the structure or premises, or a part thereof, constitutes an immediate hazard to human life or health, or when a prior violation notice has been sent to the owner or agent for the same or similar violation, then no such notice of violation need be given to the owner or agent of the structure containing a rental unit. 
(Ord. 2018-72.  Passed 7-17-18.)