The Building Commissioner or his agent, is hereby authorized to make, or cause to be made, inspections of all structures or premises containing rental units to determine whether such structures or premises comply with City Ordinances, the Fire Prevention Code, and State laws. The Commissioner shall notify the owner of any rental unit that is to be inspected, or his agent, that arrangements must be made with the Division of Building for an inspection appointment within ten (10) days of such notice. The owner or agent, upon consent, shall cause the entire structure to be accessible for inspection at the time arranged, which shall be during regular business hours. If the owner or agent, or an occupant, refuses to consent to an inspection of the subject property, or if consent is otherwise unobtainable, the Commissioner or his or her agent shall not make such inspection without first obtaining a search warrant. No license shall be issued or renewed if any violation of City Ordinances, the Fire Prevention Code or State law exists.
(Ord. 2018-72.  Passed 7-17-18.)