Application forms will be available in the Division of Building and shall include at least the following information and any other information that may be requested:
   (a)   The name, physical address, mailing address and telephone number of the owner of the property;
   (b)   If the owner is a limited partnership, corporation or limited liability company, the name, address and phone number of the statutory agent of such entity;
   (c)   If the owner is a general partnership, the name address and phone number of the general partner to receive notices relating to the rental unit(s); 
   (d)   The address of the property and the number of rental units located at the property;
   (e)   The name, address and telephone number of any agent or manager of the property;
   (f)   A description of the rental units including the type and number of rooms as well as the square footage of each room;
   (g)   The name of each person residing in each rental unit as of the date of application;
   (h)   The signature and name of the person submitting the application;
   (i)   The date the application is executed; and
   (j)    The address of all other rental units owned or managed by the owner and located in the City of North Olmsted. This provision includes disclosure of all properties titled to an entity, regardless of name, that the applicant and/or owner has an interest in. For example, an owner who has a legal interest in multiple corporations that, in turn, hold title to multiple rental units must disclose the existence of all rental units in North Olmsted, regardless of legal title.
   (k)    No person filling out an application for Rental License shall provide false or misleading information.
      (Ord. 2018-72.  Passed 7-17-18.)