TABLE H - Annexation and Detachment of Territory
Ord. No.   Date   Description
1   5-17-09   Detachment of certain unplatted farm land petitioned by Joel Rice, et al.
63A   9-3-18   Detachment of certain territory near intersection of Rocky River center line and village easterly line.
333   2-18-30   Annexation of land near Lot 25, original Olmsted Twp.
475   8-6-35   Annexation of part of original Lots 26, 32, 33, Tract 6, Olmsted Twp.
505   11-3-36   Annexation of part of original Dover Twp., Lot 50.
66-214   10-4-66   Acceptance of annexation application for 3 parcels adjacent and contiguous to the City.
Res.  98-13   2-17-98   Accepts annexation application of Christ the King Church for property contiguous to Cinamon Wood Subdivision, fronting on Cook Rd.