TABLE G - Street Grade Levels and Change of Street Name
Ord. No.   Date   Description
Res. 37   12-12-13   Sidewalk grade on easterly side of Clague Rd.
Res. 72   5-12-16   Sidewalk grade on northern side of Lorain Rd.
Res. 81   1-12-17   Repeals Res. No. 72.
Res. 80   4-3-17   Sidewalk grade on northern side of Lorain Rd.
Res. 109   ---   Establishing uniform grade for sidewalks.
153   12-21-25   Roadway laid out on west line of North Olmsted Park.
Res. 297   ---   Changing Lorain Rd. grade between stations 172 to 193 and 214 to 246.
351   5-20-30   Changing Biddulph Rd. to Martin Dr.
Res. 2674   4-15-58   Changing Allandale Rd. to West Allandale and East Allandale.
Res. 62-225   2-19-63   Changing part of Brookpark extension to North Park Dr.
66-141   9-6-66   Changing name of W. 237th St. to Brendan Lane.
69-15   2-18-69   Changing Westminester Dr. in Bretton Ridge Subdivision to Westminster Dr.
72-17   3-21-72   Name change:  portion of Great Northern Blvd. to Country Club Blvd.
72-18   3-21-72   Name change:  portion of Great Northern Blvd. to Victoria Lane.
75-188   10-21-75   Changing the name of Cyprus Dr. to Cypress Dr.
75-189   10-21-75   Changing the name of W. 308th St. to Wedgewood Dr.
83-117   11-15-83   Changing name of portion of Ranchview Ave. between West Ranchview Ave. and Tallwood Dr. to Tallwood Court.
83-31   6-19-84   Changing name of Reed Rd. to Kenny Lane.
85-123   12-17-85   Portion of Route 252 between Country Club Blvd. and Butternut Ridge Rd. designated Great Northern Blvd.
93-5   1-19-93   Service Road "A" to Cinnamon Way.