(a)   No vehicle shall be driven faster than four miles per hour within the gates of the Municipal Cemetery.
   (b)   No obscene language or loud or profane conversation shall be indulged in within the Cemetery.
   (c)   No person shall wantonly or willfully remove, cut or break, or in any manner injure or destroy, any tree, shrub or plant, or pick or crush or gather, or in any way injure or destroy, any flower, either wild or cultivated, or any herbage, fruit or produce of any such tree, shrub or plant, with the Cemetery.
   (d)   No person in a state of intoxication shall enter the Cemetery.
   (e)   No person shall remain in the Cemetery after having, for good cause, been ordered by the caretaker or police officer to leave the premises.
   (f)   No more than one casket and one urn or no more than two urns, may be placed in any one grave.
(Ord. 90-174. Passed 2-6-91.)