(a)   Installation. The owner of a lot in the Municipal Cemetery may erect headstones and monuments thereon and beautify such lot subject to rules, regulations and directions of Council. No monuments, headstones or markers shall be erected, placed or maintained upon any part of the Cemetery except such monuments, headstones or markers as will rest upon a base within the ground, with the top thereof not more than three feet above the ground surface and the bottom of the foundation or base at least three feet below the surface of the ground. The same shall be of bronze or granite, not over eighteen inches by thirty-six inches in size for any individual headstone or monument. Such monument, headstone or marker shall have inscribed thereon the lot and grave number one-half to three-fourths of an inch high.
   (b)   Location.
      (1)   Monuments. All monuments erected in the Municipal Cemetery shall be erected in the center of the lot. No more than one monument is permitted per lot.
      (2)   Headstones. All headstones erected or placed in the Municipal Cemetery shall be erected or placed on the lot on which burial is made and the location thereof shall be approved by the City Engineer. No more than one headstone shall be permitted per grave and all new headstones in one lot shall face the same direction as the majority of existing headstones in that lot or adjacent lots.
   (c)   Temporary Markers. Any undertaker in charge of the burial of any person in the Municipal Cemetery shall, within ten days after making such burial, mark the grave site with a temporary marker.
   The marker may be of any type of metal and shall not be smaller than five inches by five inches and not larger than six inches by ten inches. It shall be fastened to the ground either in the form of a plate or by inserting a pole or spike attached to the marker. Such marker shall contain in stenciled, embossed or engraved letters the name of the person buried in such grave and the date of death of such person.
   (d)   Time of Erection. No headstone or monument shall be erected in the Municipal Cemetery at a time when the Cemetery driveways are in such condition, due to weather or other causes, that a vehicle driving over the same will cause damage or ruts.
(Ord. 96-46. Passed 4-2-96.)