Chap. 701.  Traveling Public Shows or Carnivals.
Chap. 713.  Licensing of Rental Units. (Repealed)
Chap. 717.  Oil and Gas Wells.
Chap. 721.  Peddlers, Solicitors and Temporary Businesses.
Chap. 725.  Sound Amplifying Devices.
Chap. 729.  Self-Service Auto Wash.
Chap. 731.  Motion Pictures and Films.  (Repealed)
      Chap. 733.  Tent Sales and Special Events.
      Chap. 735.  Food Trucks.
Chap. 737.  Frozen Dessert Peddlers.
Chap. 739.  Gasoline Service Stations.
Chap. 741.  Deliveries to Commercial Establishments.
Chap. 743.  Water Pollution Control.
Chap. 745.  Hotel and Motel Tax.
Chap. 749.  Massage Establishments.
Chap. 751.  Game Rooms. (Repealed)
Chap. 752.  Entertainment Device Arcades.
Chap. 753.  Drug Paraphernalia Establishments.
Chap. 755.  Resale Dealers.
Chap. 757.  Drive-Thru Restaurants.
Chap. 759.  Sale of Irradiated Foods.
Chap. 761.  Adult Entertainment Businesses.
Chap. 763.  Public Dance Halls; Teen Dance Clubs.
Chap. 765.  Retail Disposable Bag Recycling.