§ 154.17 VARIANCES.
   (A)   Authorized. To provide reasonable flexibility in the sign regulations, the City Council may approve a variance or a sign not otherwise permitted by these regulations where such exception would not be inconsistent with the legislative intent and objectives of this chapter.
   (B)   Procedure.
      (1)   Application for a variance shall be made following the process outlined in § 156.055.
      (2)   Conditions for granting a variance shall be made following the standards outlined in § 156.085.
   (C)   Fee. All requests for variances shall be made in writing to the city on the form provided by the city and the request shall include a fee as determined by the Council. All information required when applying for a sign permit as outlined in § 154.06 shall be required before the request for a variance is considered by the City Council.
(Ord. 90, passed 9-21-1987)