The application for a sign permit shall be made upon forms provided by the city and shall state or have attached to them the following information:
   (A)   Name, address and telephone number of the applicant and owner of the sign;
   (B)   A site plan describing the location of the property, existing buildings and locations of all proposed signs including setbacks;
   (C)   A scaled drawing of the sign to include dimensions and square footage calculations;
   (D)   A site plan describing the position of the sign or other advertising structures in relation to nearby buildings or structures if requested by the City Building Official;
   (E)   A blueprint or ink drawing of the plans and specifications of the sign;
   (F)   A copy of stress sheets and calculations showing the structure as designed or dead load and wind velocity in the amount required by this chapter and all other provisions of this code and ordinances of the city, if requested by the City Building Official;
   (G)   Name of person erecting the structure;
   (H)   Such other information as the city may require.
(Ord. 90, passed 9-21-1987)