The following signs shall be prohibited:
   (A)   All off-premises advertising signs including billboards;
   (B)   Fence signs;
   (C)   Flashing signs;
   (D)   Signs which interfere with traffic signs, signals or devices;
   (E)   Marquee signs;
   (F)   Painting directly on exterior walls, except for public art murals approved by the city;
   (G)   Paper, cardboard, or similar signs, notices, or flyers pasted, tacked, or otherwise attached to the exterior wall of any building, utility poles or traffic signs;
   (H)   Permanent or temporary signs overhanging the public right-of-way or boundary of adjacent property, except traffic signs erected by the city, county, or state;
   (I)   Revolving beacons and sequential flashers;
   (J)   Revolving signs;
   (K)   Roof signs;
   (L)   Where a business is located over more than 1 parcel or lot, the business shall not be entitled to additional signs nor a multiplicity of square footage of signage by virtue thereof;
   (M)    Lighted signs in residential zoning districts, except churches or schools;
   (N)   Signs or advertising painted or attached to vehicles parked on a property not intended to be moved for a period of 48 hours or more;
   (O)   Dynamic display signs over 125 square feet; and
   (P)   Dynamic display off-premises signs.
(Ord. 90, passed 9-21-1987; Am. Ord. 8, 4th series, passed 1-16-2007; Am. Ord. 17, 4th series, passed 1-17-2008; Am. Ord. 109, 4th series, passed 9-17-2018; Am. Ord. 117, 4th series, passed 8-19-2019)