Adult uses-accessory, shall be permitted in all commercial districts, provided the accessory use conforms with the provisions of this section.
   (A)   Adult uses-accessory shall:
      (1)   Comprise no more than 10% of the floor area of the establishment in which it is located;
      (2)   Comprise no more than 20% of the gross receipts of the entire business operation; and
      (3)   Not involve or include any activity except the sale or rental of merchandise.
   (B)   Adult usse-accessory shall be restricted from and prohibit access to minors by the physical separation of such items from areas of general public access:
      (1)   Movie rentals. Display areas shall be restricted from general view and shall be under the control of the persons responsible for the operation.
      (2)   Magazines. Publications classified or qualifying as adult uses shall not be physically accessible to minors and shall be covered with a wrapper or other means to prevent display of any material other than the publication title.
      (3)   Other use. Adult uses-accessory not specifically cited shall comply with the intent of this section subject to the approval of the Zoning Administrator.
   (C)   Adult uses-accessory shall be prohibited from both internal and external advertising and signing of adult materials and products.
(Ord. 215, passed 4-15-2002)