1.   Rental Permit Required. It is unlawful for any person to let to another for rent or occupancy any dwelling, dwelling unit or rooming unit, unless the owner or operator holds a valid rental permit issued by the Building Department in the name of the owner or operator and applicable to those portions of the specific structure used for residential purposes.
   2.   Rental Permit. A Rental Permit shall be a document indicating compliance with Sections 146.20 and 146.21 of the Housing Code and shall be valid for a period of one calendar year running from January 1 through December 31. The Rental Permit shall be transferable from one owner or operator at any time prior to its expiration, termination or revocation. The owner or operator shall notify the Building Department within thirty (30) calendar days of any conveyance or transfer of interest and provide the name and address of all persons who have acquired any interest therein. In the event that the Building Department has not been notified within thirty (30) calendar days, the rental permit shall be transferred from one owner or operator to another only upon payment of a full year’s permit fee, the amount of which is established by Resolution of the City Council. The Rental Permit shall state the date of issuance, the address of the structure to which it is applicable, the name of the new owner or operator to which it is applicable, and its new expiration date. Any dwellings, dwelling units or rooming units being let for rent and occupancy without a valid rental permit may be ordered vacated.
   3.   Application for Rental Permit. The owner or operator shall file an application for Rental Permit with the Building Department on a form provided by the Building Department. Any owner or operator who does not reside within fifty (50) miles of the City shall be required to designate a person who resides within fifty (50) miles of the City who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this Code.
   4.   Issuance of Rental Permit. When all of the provisions of Sections 146.20, 146.21 and 146.22 of the Housing Code have been met by the owner or operator, the Building Department shall issue a Rental Permit upon payment of all permit and reinspection fees, the amounts of which shall be set by resolution of the City Council.
   5.   Expiration of Rental Permit. Rental Permits shall be valid through December 31 of each year, unless the Rental Permit has been suspended or revoked, and provided that all fees have been paid.
(Ord. 2022-03 – May 22 Supp.)