Subdivisions of land may be accomplished by several different means, as described in this section.
   1.   Auditor's Plat.  A survey ordered to be completed and recorded by the County Auditor to clarify boundaries and to provide an accurate legal description of parcels for taxation purposes.
      A.   Scope.  An Auditor's Plat may be used only if ordered by the County Auditor, and may not be used to create new lots or adjust lots within the City of North Liberty without that order.
      B.   Application Procedure and Review.  An Auditor's Plat is not subject to review and approval by the City of North Liberty.
   2.   Plat of Survey.  A map document, prepared pursuant to Iowa Code, that may be utilized to combine existing legally platted parcels of land, or to adjust lot lines between adjacent legally-platted lots; however, all resulting lots shall meet zoning ordinance bulk requirements at the time the plat of survey is prepared, and no new buildable lot may be created.
      A.   Scope.  A Plat of Survey may be used to adjust common lot lines between two lots if the adjustment meets the following conditions:
         (1)   The Plat of Survey does not create any additional lots or parcels;
         (2)   The Plat of Survey does not create the need for the extension of streets, utilities, or any other new public improvements;
         (3)   Each resulting lot will conform fully to all requirements of the zoning district in which the parcels of land are located, and each lot is developable in the zoning district in which it is located; and
         (4)   No new violations of this ordinance, the Zoning Ordinance, or state law would be created by the Plat of Survey.
      B.   Application and Review Procedure.  A Boundary Adjustment Permit shall be prepared by a surveyor and submitted to the City Clerk for approval by the Code Official prior to submission to the County Recorder's Office.
   3.   Subdivision Plat.  A subdivision plat is used to establish new lots if conditions for approving a Plat of Survey cannot be met.
      A.   Application and Review Procedure. The subdivision plat process includes five major parts: a planning conference, a good neighbor meeting, a preliminary plat, construction of improvements, and a final plat.
      B.   Application and Review Procedure.  The complete process for subdivision plat processing requires submittal of both a preliminary and final plats. The preliminary plat and a final plat of part or all of the preliminary plat may be submitted concurrently, but the City may hold or delay action on the final plat if necessary to ensure thorough review and processing. The formal City review process is generally consistent with the following abbreviated summary of actions and timeline:
Applicant submits initial plat material.
First working day of month
City staff reviews plat and prepares preliminary report for applicant.
15th of month
Applicant submits revised documents based on preliminary report.
21st of month
City staff reviews corrected documents and issues report to Planning Commission
Last Thursday of month
Planning Commission meets and makes formal recommendation to City Council
First Tuesday of 2nd month
City Council meets formally and approves or denies plat
Second or fourth Tuesday of 2nd month
      C.   Recording the Final Plat.  Final plats shall be recorded by the owner immediately upon approval by the City Council, and approval may be rescinded if not recorded within six months of approval.