1.   Upon recommendation of the Planning Commission or on its own motion, the City Council may vary, modify or waive requirements of this ordinance; however, no such action shall be taken by the Council unless affirmative findings are made for each of the applicable following criteria:
      A.   Unique Circumstances.  The subject property is unique or exceptional as compared to other properties subject to the same provisions by reason of irregularity, narrowness, shallowness, substandard or marginal size, exceptional topographical features, or other extraordinary conditions peculiar to and inherent in the subject property that relate to or arise out of the property rather than the personal situation of the current owner of the property, and that amount to more than a mere inconvenience to the owner.
      B.   Not Exclusively for Financial Gain.  The purpose of the variation is not based exclusively upon a desire to increase financial gain from the property. Proof that the property cannot be used for its highest or best use under the regulations applicable to it, or that it could be used more profitably if not subject to such regulations, should not in itself justify granting a variation.
      C.   Unique Circumstances Not Self-Created.  The unique or special condition referenced above either existed at the time of the enactment of the provisions of this ordinance that affect it, or was the result of government action, other than adoption of this ordinance, for which no compensation was paid, and which has not been created by any persons presently having an interest in the property.
      D.   Substantial Rights Denied.  Carrying out the strict letter of the provisions of this ordinance would deprive the property owner of substantial rights commonly enjoyed by other property owners subject to the same provisions.
      E.   Not Special Privilege.  The hardship affecting the property is not merely the inability of the owner or occupant to enjoy some special privilege or additional right not available to owners or occupants of other property subject to the same provisions.
      F.   Not Detrimental.  Granting the variation will not be detrimental to the public welfare or materially injurious to the enjoyment, use, or development of property in the vicinity; nor will it materially impair an adequate supply of light and air to adjacent properties; substantially increase congestion in the public streets; increase the danger of flood or fire; endanger the public safety; or substantially diminish or impair property values in the vicinity.
      G.   No Other Remedy.  There are no means other than the requested variation by which the hardship can be avoided or remedied to a degree sufficient to permit a reasonable use of the property.
   2.   City Council Action.  The City Council shall note approval of any variation as provided in this section in the resolution approving the final subdivision plat.