Whenever a business, person, enterprise, or institution for which existing signage does not conform to the requirements of this chapter seeks to structurally alter or enlarge an existing sign or erect or install a new sign, the provisions of this section shall apply as follows:
   1.   The alteration, enlargement, installation, or erection of signage shall not increase the degree of nonconformity.
   2.   If the value of the structural alteration to a nonconforming sign equals or exceeds 50 percent of the value of the sign, as determined by the Code Official, the sign shall be made to conform to all provisions of this chapter.
   3.   Enlargement, installation, or erection of conforming signage shall be accompanied by a reduction in the degree of nonconformity for other signage existing on the premises. This reduction in nonconformity can be accomplished by reduction in size of existing sign (if nonconforming by square feet), removal (if nonconforming by the number of signs), relocation (if nonconforming by location), or a combination of reduction, removal, and relocation of nonconforming signage shall equal, as nearly as practical, 75 percent of the value of the new or enlarged conforming signage or the costs necessary to bring all signage on the premises into conformance with this section, whichever is the lesser requirement.
   4.   The provisions of items 2 and 3 of this section do not apply to temporary or illegal signs. Temporary signs that do not comply with the requirements of this chapter and other illegal signs shall be removed upon notification of the sign’s nonconformity.    
(Chapter 173 - Ord. 2022-02 – May 22 Supp.)