1.   Sign Illumination.  All sign illumination shall be from the interior or from floodlight projection shielded to preclude glare visible from public right-of-way and neighboring properties.
   2.   Measurement of Sign Area.  The square footage of a sign made up of letters, words, or symbols within a frame shall be determined from the outside edge of the frame itself.  The square footage of a sign composed of only letters, words, or symbols shall be determined from imaginary straight lines drawn around the entire copy or grouping of such letters, words or symbols.  Double-faced signs shall be calculated as the area of one side only.  Three-dimensional or multi-faced signs shall be calculated as the maximum area visible from any single direction at any point in time.
   3.   Condition and Maintenance.  All signs, together with supports, braces, and anchors, shall be of rust-inhibitive material or treatment and shall be maintained in good condition in the opinion of the Code Official.  The display surfaces of all signs shall be kept neatly painted or posted at all times.
   4.   Electronic Message Signs.  Electronic message signs that display time and temperature or provide changing messages are permitted. 
   5.   Code Compliance.  The construction, installation, erection, anchorage, and maintenance of all signs are subject to the applicable provisions of this section, the Building Code and other applicable codes. All signs and sign structures shall be designed and constructed to withstand load pressures as regulated by the Building Code.
   6.   Landscaping.  All ground signs shall have one square foot of landscaping at the base of the sign for each two square feet of sign surface area.
   7.   Corner Visual Clearance.  Signs shall not be located within the corner visual clearance area. Additional limitations upon location, size, and height of any such signs may be required by the City if additional requirements are necessary to meet standard traffic engineering practices.
   8.   Interference with Utilities.  Signs and their supporting structures shall not interfere with any equipment or lines for utilities including water, sewage, gas, electricity, or communications.
   9.   Obstruction to Doors, Windows, or Fire Escapes.  No sign shall be erected, relocated, or maintained so as to prevent free ingress to or egress from any door, window, or fire escape.  No sign of any kind shall be attached to a standpipe or fire extinguisher system.  No sign shall obstruct or interfere with any opening required for ventilation.
   10.   Sign Mounting.  All signs shall be mounted in one of the following manners:
      A.   Flat against a building or wall, or
      B.   Back to back in pairs, so that the backs of such signs will be screened from public view, or
      C.   In clusters in an arrangement that will screen the backs of the signs from public view, or
      D.   Otherwise mounted so that the backs of all signs or sign structures showing to public view shall be painted and maintained a neutral color that blends with the surrounding environment.