1.   Neighborhood or Development Signs. Residential developments or neighborhoods of four or more dwelling units shall be permitted one identification sign for each public street frontage or each entrance. Such signs may be placed in any location on private property provided the sign complies with the same height limitations specified for fences.  Maximum sign area for each sign shall be two square feet, plus one square foot for each dwelling unit or lot, but shall not exceed 25 square feet in area per sign face.
   2.   Religious Use Signs.  Each religious principal use shall be permitted wall signs and one ground sign per public street frontage, subject to the following size requirements.
      A.   Maximum Wall Sign Area.  The total area of wall signage shall not exceed one square foot for each lineal foot of building wall when viewed in elevation, not to exceed 40 square feet.
      B.   Maximum Ground Sign Area.  One ground sign is permitted per public street access.  The surface area for each sign shall not exceed 25 square feet and the height shall not exceed 5 feet.