The following devices and locations are specifically prohibited:
   1.   In Public Rights-of-Way. No sign or sign structure other than an official traffic, street, or related sign approved for placement by the controlling public agency shall be placed on any street or highway right-of-way, except certain Temporary Signs as defined within this chapter. No sign shall be attached to any utility pole, light standard, street tree, or any other public facility located within the public right-of-way.
   2.   Without Consent of Owner. No sign or sign structure shall be placed on private property without the consent of the owner or authorized agent thereof.
   3.   Imitation or Resemblance to Traffic Control and Safety Signs. No sign or sign structure shall be erected at any location where it may by reason of its size, shape, design, location, content, coloring, or manner of illumination constitute a traffic hazard or a detriment to traffic safety by obstructing the vision of drivers, by obscuring or otherwise physically interfering with any official traffic control device, or which may be confused with an official traffic control device. No rotating beacon, beam, or flashing illumination resembling an emergency light shall be used in connection with any sign display or be visible from an adjacent street. No lights resembling an emergency light and no such words as “Stop,” “Look,” “Danger,” or any other lights, words, phrases, symbols, or characters which in any manner may interfere with, mislead, or confuse vehicle operators shall be used in a location which is visible to vehicular traffic. No sign shall be located in such a manner as to impede the corner visual clearance.
   4.   Exits Shall Remain Unobstructed. No sign shall be erected so as to prevent free ingress to or egress from any door, window, fire escape or any other exit required by the Building Code or Fire Code of the City, or by any other portion of this Code of Ordinances.
   5.   Unsafe Attachments. No sign shall be attached to a standpipe, gutter drain, unbraced parapet wall, or fire escape.
   6.   Portable Signs. Portable signs, except as permitted as temporary signs.
   7.   Vehicle Signage. Any sign attached to or placed on a vehicle or trailer parked on public or private property. This section does not prohibit the identification of a firm or its principal products on a vehicle operating during the normal course of business or being taken home.
   8.   Revolving Signs. No portion or part of a sign shall revolve nor shall the entire sign revolve.
   9.   Roof Signs. No roof signs shall be allowed.
   10.   Swinging Signs. No swinging signs over 24 square inches shall be allowed.
   11.   Wall and Fence Signs. Painting or affixing a sign to a wall or fence is prohibited. An advertising sign message or copy shall not be painted or affixed directly on a wall or fence.
   12.   Projecting Signs. Projecting signs, unless specifically approved by the Commission and Council. See specific sign regulations in this chapter for details.
   13.   Off-Premises Signs, including billboard signs.
   14.   Banners and Pennants. No banners, pennants, twirling signs, balloons, or other similar devices shall be allowed as permanent signs but may be permitted for temporary purposes as specified in the Temporary Signs section.
   15.   Bench Signs.