1.   Permits Required. It is unlawful for any person to erect, alter, or relocate within the City any sign requiring a permit without first obtaining a sign permit from the Code Official. All illuminated signs shall, in addition, be subject to the provisions of the Electrical Code and shall be approved and labeled by a nationally recognized testing lab. No signs shall be erected on a property without the authorization of the property owner or authorized agent. Sign permits shall be issued only for signs which are in accord with the approved sign plan on file with the Code Official.
   2.   Application for Permit. An application for a permit shall be made upon forms provided by the Code Official and shall at a minimum contain or have attached thereto the following information:
      A.   Applicant Information. Name, address, email, and telephone number of the applicant.
      B.   Plans and Specifications. One copy of detailed drawings of the plans and specifications and method of construction and attachment to the building or in the ground. Such blueprint or ink drawing shall show the location of sign or signs and shall certify the distance from each other, from signs on adjacent property, from points of ingress and egress, and from adjacent property lot lines.
      C.   Calculations. Stress sheets and calculations showing the structure is designed for dead load and 30 pounds per square foot wind pressure in any direction in the amount required by this and all other laws and ordinances of the City.
      D.   Erector. Name of the person or association erecting structure.
      E.   Valuation. Valuation of sign.
      F.   Other. Such other information as the Code Official shall require in order to show full compliance with this and all other laws and ordinances of the City.
   3.   Permit Expiration. If the work authorized under a sign permit has not been commenced within six months after the date of issuance, the permit shall become null and void, and the applicant must re-apply for a sign permit prior to installing a sign.
   4.   Permit Fees. A fee, as determined by resolution of the Council, shall accompany all applications for sign permits.
   5.   Revocation of Permits. The Code Official is hereby authorized and empowered to revoke any sign permits issued by the City upon failure of the holder thereof to comply with any provisions of this chapter.
   6.   Penalty for No Permit. In the event the erection, construction, or reconstruction of any sign is commenced without first obtaining a permit, there shall be, in addition to the required sign permit fee, an on-site inspection fee of $50.00. This provision does not preclude any enforcement or penalty provisions contained in this code.
   7.   Inspections Required. All construction or work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the Code Official.
   8.   Maintenance and Safety Inspections. The Code Official may cause to be inspected from time to time, as deemed necessary, any sign regulated by this chapter for the purpose of ascertaining whether the same is secure, and whether it is in need of removal or repair and complies with this chapter.