The following definitions are given for words used in this chapter:
      “Awning sign” means a sign attached to or in any way incorporated with the face of an awning or any other similar projection, and which does not extend beyond the projection.
      “Development sign” means a permanent sign that displays the name of a development or of a multi-lot subdivision.
      “Display surface” means the area made available by the sign structure for the purpose of displaying the advertising message.
      “Ground sign” means a sign which is supported by one or more uprights or braces and which is firmly and permanently anchored in or on the ground and which is not attached to any building.
      “Identification sign” means a sign displaying the name, address, crest, insignia or trademark, occupation, or profession of an occupant of a building or the name of any building on the premises.
      “Information sign” means a sign displayed strictly for the direction, safety, or convenience of the public and which sets forth no advertisement.  Information signs include signs which identify parking areas and drives, restrooms, addresses, telephones, exits and entrances, no trespassing areas, danger areas, and similar information.
      “Marquee” means a permanent roofed structure attached to and supported by the building and projecting over public property.
      “Off-premises sign” means a sign which directs attention to a use conducted off the lot on which the sign is located.
      “Painted sign” means a sign painted directly on an exterior surface of a building, window, or wall.
      “Pole sign” means a ground sign wholly supported by a tubular sign structure in the ground.
      “Political sign” means a temporary sign announcing candidates seeking public office, a political issue, or containing other election information.
      “Portable sign” means a sign that is not firmly and permanently anchored or secured to either a building or the ground.
      “Projecting sign” means a sign which projects from and is supported by a wall of a building or structure, with the exposed face of the sign on plane not parallel to the plane of the wall.
      “Projection” means the distance by which a sign extends over public property or beyond the building line.
      “Real estate sign” means a temporary sign which advertises the sale, rental, or lease of property.
      “Roof sign” means a sign erected upon or above a roof or parapet of a building or structure.
      "Sign" means a name, identification, description, display or illustration, which is affixed to, painted or represented directly or indirectly upon a building, or other outdoor surface which directs attention to or is designed or intended to direct attention to the sign face or to an object, product, place, activity, person, institution, organization or business.
(Ord. 2020-03 - Sep. 20 Supp.)
      “Sign structure” means any structure that supports or is capable of supporting a sign as defined in this chapter.
      “Swinging sign” means a sign which, because of its design, construction, suspension, or attachment, is free to swing or move noticeably because of the wind.
      "Sign, window" means a sign that is attached to, placed upon, or printed on the interior or exterior of a window or door of a building, or displayed on the interior within two feet of a window intended for viewing from the exterior of such a building. A window sign may be either permanent or temporary. Shadowbox design within display windows, where the window display is designed with a background enclosure against which signs are mounted that blocks view into the establishment, is considered a window sign and the entire area of the shadowbox is subject to the maximum sign area limitation.
(Ord. 2020-03 - Sep. 20 Supp.)
      “Temporary sign” means any banner, pendant, valance, or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard, or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a limited period of time only.
      “Wall sign” means any sign attached to or erected against the wall of a building or structure, with the exposed face of the sign on plane parallel to the plane of the wall.