The City Administrator shall be the Chief Operating Officer and head of the administrative branch of the City government, and shall be responsible to the Mayor for the proper administration of all the affairs of the City and the enforcement of all the laws, ordinance or resolutions, except as herein otherwise provided, and to that end the City Administrator shall have to make all appointments and removals of employees of the City in the departments and offices under the City Administrator’s control.
He or she shall:
   1)   Attend all Council meetings with the right to participate in its discussion, but without a right to vote.
   2)   Be an ex-officio member of the planning commission.
   3)   Prepare and submit to Council the annual budget and be responsible for its administration after adoption.
   4)   Keep Council advised of the financial conditions and the future needs of the City and make such recommendations as desirable.
   5)   Submit to the Mayor, Council, and make available to the public a report on the financial and administrative activities of the City at the end of each month.
   6)   Make such other reports as the Mayor or Council may require concerning the operation of the City departments, offices, and agencies subject to the City Administrator’s directions and supervision.
   7)   Issue all licenses and permits pursuant to ordinances or resolutions and perform all other duties as may be described by the charter or required of the City Administrator by the Mayor not inconsistent with this charter.